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Welcome To Your Health and Wellness ~ October, 2018

By on Oct 1, 2018

Welcome To Your Health and Wellness ~ October, 2018

Welcome to your health & wellness
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Wow, the last couple of months have just flown by! We’ve been so busy here at All About Health and Wellness that we’ve had to employ a new physiotherapist, Donna McKay – and we almost missed this month’s newsletter!
You can read a bit about Donna further in the newsletter.

This month, we’ll be talking about Creating Hormonal Harmony, as well as show-casing our new physiotherapist, Donna. John is still available for physiotherapy also, and we will be show-casing him next month.

Also, we celebrate ‘Mesh Down Under’ being the WINNERS in the ‘policy’ category of the Women of Influence awards, held in September!

Charlotte Korte (left), Carmel Berry (centre), and Patricia Sullivan (right), co-founders of Mesh Down Under.
Click the image to link to the Mesh Down Under website.

We hope the information below will give you a much wealthier insight to the services All About Health and Wellness can offer to aid you in achieving your best self through great health by natural means, as well as some helpful information about hormones and how to achieve balance.
With a better insight comes better judgement when choosing the right foods and supplements to feed your body to keep you healthy and well.

Additionally, to help you with those Spring allergies we have a fantastic Metagenics nasal spray, Naso Clear, on special with a 20% discount! This is a great product as it doesn’t dry your nose out and works on those niggly hay-fever and sinus symptoms.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

John, Paddy, Ali, Pauline, Kate, and Donna.


Creating Hormonal Harmony: 
A Metagenics Wellness Review

The Complexity of Female Hormones

From puberty, to periods, to menopause – hormones can pose a challenge for many women throughout their lives. You may be all too familiar with symptoms such as painful, heavy or irregular periods, premenstrual mood swings and bloating, hot flushes…and the list goes on. Female hormonal conditions are complex and frequently frustrating for women. While hormonal fluctuations have traditionally been blamed, there is more to this story – many other factors also affect the subtle balance required for optimal hormonal harmony.

Riding The Hormonal Rollercoaster?
Do you feel you have no control over the ups and downs of hormonal change you ride through each month? Your symptoms may be related to one of these conditions:
·         Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) 
Includes symptoms of breast tenderness, migraines and mood changes prior to your period. PMS may be linked to lowered progesterone levels and often made worse by stress.
·         Endometriosis and fibroids 
Women with these conditions often experience heavy, painful periods, pain throughout the month, bloating, and sometimes weight gain.
·         Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
Missing periods, facial hair growth, sugar cravings, weight gain and difficulty conceiving are commonly experienced, due to higher than normal testosterone and lower progesterone levels.
·         Menopause
Many women suffer from hot flushes, night sweats, and anxiety, as their periods come to a stop.

Musicians Distort the Melody
While different conditions are influenced by subtle changes in hormone levels, there are many other factors that also play a role. Likened to musicians in the orchestra playing out of tune, some of these come from your body – such as inflammation (e.g. from joint pain or digestive imbalance), being overweight, and feeling stressed. The environment you live in can also play havoc with hormones. Toxins are virtually unavoidable and many, such as bisphenyl-A or ‘BPA’ (found in plastics, the lining of tins, and even on shopping dockets) have hormone-like effects and may negatively affect your hormonal balance.