A combination of many proven healing methods integrated into a single profession. Every person is regarded as an individual and the most appropriate therapeutic method is chosen for that person.


As a Health Detective, I will use herbal medicine, nutrition, and minerals to help the body regain its strength and regenerate the cells.

As a Health Detective I was trained to see the symptoms of a person in total (physical, mental & emotional), and  to focus on the causes, and then the prevention of disease.   I need to find the cause and eliminate this, not the symptom.  The symptom simply tells me ‘there is something going on” – but what that is,  is what I drill down to.  I am highly skilled in this area, and guarantee my results.

You may be required to do a few tests to assist in the diagnosis and gathering of information.

These tests may include:

  • Food sensitivity (see allergy/intolerance testing page)
  • ABO blood (group) type
  • Cellular health analysis (B.I.A) – (see health check page)
  • Live blood test (see Hemaview page)
  • Hair mineral analysis for heavy metal toxicity. eg mercury or arsenic
  • Candida test (thrush)
  • Blood pressure, Full Cholesterol and Blood Glucose testing
  • Bacterial toxicity
  • External pathology testing both local and overseas
  • Urinalysis (pH & Indicans)
  • Mineral absorption test/zinc testing

Come and meet me today! face to face, by email, phone or skype.

Initial consultations: 45-60 minutes with follow-ups from 15 – 30mins  costs $ 39.50 for 15 minutes.



Thank you for helping me get my health back on track where ‘conventional’ medicine failed. According to my GP, I have just been going through a bad patch (more than 6 respiratory illnesses a year which all required antibiotics). Through looking more holistically at my health I think we have cracked it! From a digestive viewpoint, going wheat free has improved things dramatically, additionally my head is less foggy, I’ve lost weight and for the first time in I don’t know how long, I did not catch a cold that all other family members got!  My sleeping at night is definitely benefitting from the Neurocalm (my husband has noticed that I don’t hear the children in the night so much anymore…and he gets up more to them). I feel much more rested in the morning. Thank you.

Philippa 2011